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Benjamin Stein
General Manager
(610) 647-1800 ext. 2910

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Craig Hurley
Sales Manager
(610) 647-1800 ext.1101

Hometown: St. John's, Newfoundland    Current: Worcester, PA

Family: Wife Rachel, 2 boys going to school in the Methacton School District

Industry Experience: 17 years in the industry, all at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Love to travel, going to live concerts, reading

Bucket List item: Travel to Fjords of Norway

Bob Kruse
Preowned Car Manager
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1201

David Jurgensen
Sales Consultant
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1110

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Alan Kirsch
Sales Consultant
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1109

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Jordan Pavillard
F&I Manager
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1102

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Hometown: Berwyn, PA    Current: Berwyn, PA

Family: I am 30 years old, I have my parents and a younger sister

Industry Experience: 10 years overall - 10 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Playing softball, I am avid Flyers fan

Bucket List item: Trip to Hockey Hall of fame in Toronto, Canada

Kevin Whalin
Sales Consultant
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1112

Nasir Khan
Sales Consultant
(610) 647-1800 ext. 1106

Antwian Robinson
Sales Consultant
(610) 647-1800 x1103



Steve Owens
Service Director
(610) 647-1566 ext. 1301

Hometown: Broomall, PA    Current: West Chester, PA

Family: Wife Sally, Son living in San Francisco, CA - Daughter and son-in-law living in Baltimore, MD with 1st Granddaughter

Industry Experience: 42 years overall - 26 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Racing cars, Philly sports, favorite is Sally and I spending time with granddaughter, Lucy

Bucket List item: Trip to New Zealand and Australia

Richard Barr
Service Advisor
(610) 647-1566

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Hometown: Philadelphia suburbs    Current: Philadelphia suburbs

Family: Son, graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Chester University

Industry Experience: 32 years overall - 19 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Sports, reading, movies

Bucket List item: Traveling overseas

Diana Lanshe
Service Advisor
(610) 647-1566

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Hometown: suburbs of Philadelphia    Current: suburbs of Philadelphia

Family: Married with 4 children

Industry Experience: 22 years overall - 8 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Spending weekends at the beach

Bucket List item: Trip to Italy

Gregg McDougall
Service Advisor
(610) 647-1566

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Hometown: Broomall, PA    Current: West Chester, PA

Family: Wife Beth, Daughter who is a missionary - a son studying in Norway and two children in middle school

Industry Experience: 37 years overall - 5 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, the Jersey shore, movies and playing sports with the kids

Bucket List item: World travel

Jon Morrison
Service Advisor
(610) 647-1566



Lenny Knight
Parts Director
(610) 647-5200 ext. 2401

Paul Hamaday
Parts Specialist
(610) 647-5200 ext. 1403

Sean King
Parts Specialist
(610) 647-5200 ext. 1402

Hometown: Downingtown, PA    Current: Downingtown, PA

Family: Wife of 20 years, 2 sons attending school in the Downingtown Area School District

Industry Experience: 19 years with Volvo brand - 5 years at Keystone Motors

Hobbies: Rooting for the 76ers

Bucket List item: Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany